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Frank Lee Sprague Music Publishing

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"Influenced by none, inspired by many"

Featuring all of the musical works of Frank Lee Sprague, world class guitarist composer. Over 1000 works, many for guitar. Maestro Sprague has received favorable reviews in major media such as Playboy Magazine, performed his music on Nationwide television such as CBS Saturday Morning News, toured the world performing live and has been featured on NPR twice. Frank is also prolific in writing pop songs in a variety of styles. We are the exclusive publishing company of his highly acclaimed compositions.

"Music has always been the least important thing in life, and the most important thing in people’s lives.”--Frank Lee Sprague, Buhdge Magazine - July 2009

Member of AMERICAN COMPOSERS FORUM, CCPC (The Center for Promotion of Contempory Composers), ASCAP

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The list presented here represents a partial number of Frank Lee Sprague's serious works.

Sonata for Guitar

Quartet no.1 in B flat Major

Ezekiel Oratorio

Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet

Piano quartet

Notturno for Guitar

Symphony no. 1

Suite for Cello

Rhapsody for Viola

Violin Sonata

Quartet no. 2 in F Major

Guitar Quintet

Sonata for Flute with Guitar

Symphony no. 2

Copyright 2004 all rights reserved, Frank Lee Sprague